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The best of photography 2020


500px is a semi-professional social media platform for photographers. It falls somewhere between the high brow Behance and above the unmonitored Flickr.

This site is an online community for photographers, amateurs, and professionals alike. You can search, heart (like), and critique others’ work. Other photographers in exchange critique your photos. This is a great way to continuously evolve and remain open-minded.

They have more than 6 million photographs, so you can never run out of inspiration. The recent redesign has brought 500px to the top of its market, and now the interface is so much nicer to work with. Good job, 500px!


  1. iPhone Photography School

iPhone photography school is for the niche photographer, capturing on their iPhone. Their mindset is great, as many people can’t afford (or don’t want) a professional camera, like a DSLR.

There are plenty of tutorials connected to three simple areas; Getting StartedTake Better Photos and Learn Photo Editing.

Techniques found here not only apply to iPhone users, so there is something for everyone. The design of the site is sleek and easily manageable. It even looks great on your…ahem…iPhone.

  1. FStoppers

Fstoppers is another great website that I used all the time throughout university. It’s eye-catching, simple, clean, and efficient. This is one of those photography websites where I find myself starting with one article and then emerging a few hours later.

Fstoppers might steal my attention but it gives me back an ever-increasing knowledge base on all things photographic.

It offers news, kit and gear reviews, and tackles all areas of photography. There are many writers, so the text-style is rarely the same. It truly shows you that anyone can achieve great things with the right mindset.


  1. Digital Photography Review

Digital Photography Review used to be at the top of every photographer’s list of where to look for information. It is foremost a camera and gear review website, which can be a little too much at times.

Their content is well written, but it lost a few points on website design. Content is king though, so it’s still up there in the top.

The best part about this photography website are the forums. Not many photography websites have this great addition, meaning you have to scramble through useless comments from others.

The forums let you ask and answer questions based on real people facing real situations.


  1. DIY Photography

DIY Photography has never been so popular. It is a website dedicated to pulling apart and creating anything photographic, only using a macgyver mentality and a little time.

Photography can be an expensive hobby, but not the way this website sees it. For every item of gear out there, there is a cheaper and homemade version waiting to be crafted.

It came about in 2006 and has only grown by leaps and bounds. DIY photography offers kit reviews and hundreds of tutorials. These can help you cut down on some of the costs.

It is a great place to dip into for ideas and inspiration.


  1. Lightstalking

I love the name Lightstalking. It makes me think of that dedicated photographer, hiding in the shadows, tracking the light for hours until they see the perfect shot. Their one and only chance to take a clean photograph.

Well, it is almost like that out there in the field, so their name gets 10/10 from me.

Photographers are writing articles for photographers here, and some of the topics are very interesting. They go for areas and techniques that similar photography websites haven’t written about. This is a breath of fresh air.

They have forums that allow photographers to connect. They even have their own Lightroom presets, even if they are a little pricey.


  1. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School (or DPS) is a platform for all tips and techniques. They will give you six articles on what you need from a landscape camera, and six more on the best landscape cameras out there. There’ll never be a shortage of content.

They house writers from all disciplines, from all over the world. There is something for everyone. When it comes to information, DPS has it all. You can lose yourself in this website, and when you come out of it, you’ll be eager to get to your camera and start shooting.



Before Behance, Flickr, or even 500px, there was It is the internets’ original online community for photographers. It boasts over 25 years of photography inspiration. With over 5 Million images, it is a little behind 500px. focuses more on the image rather than the photographer.

It is a little outdated and doesn’t look like it is moderated much, which is great. Real photographers should help out real photographers with realistic critiques.

What I also like about this site is that it has a forum. This is a great place to get in touch with all kinds of photographers. You can ask questions about tips, tricks, techniques, and recommended camera gear. Well worth it.


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